Album cover art will soon be revealed!

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When I asked Samie Dozor to be the artist for my first album, I didn’t know her very well, and she hardly knew me at all. I met Samie through Rich, my husband/recording engineer’s friend, and she’s a Facebook friend, and I’ve encountered her at a few parties here and there. Over the past few years, I observed her occasionally posting her artwork on Facebook, and I fell in love with her use of color, and her innovative creations that included mosaics, paintings, and other imaginings.

Samie may be the most free-spirited person I have met, and I know quite a few free spirits! She seems to live on the edgy side of creativity, and her lifestyle, which is the beach life, allows that creativity to thrive. She is one of those people that lights up a room, and not just with her persona, but with joy, openness and radiance. When she visited us recently in the fall to talk about the album, it was like she had bottled up the sun all summer long at the beach and then brought us a bottle full to warm a cool autumn evening and infuse us with light.

She also brought that same brightness to the artwork she did for us. The colors, the fantastical design, the whimsy of the cover art for Chasing Happy, my soon-to-be-released album, has come to fruition through Samie! Right now, I only have a text message of the oil painting. This will be the visual brand of the album, and if I were a visual artist, this is truly what I would have envisioned myself, if I were a person that could envision art – oh how I long to have that gift!  Then I could be more like Joni Mitchell. My paint for now is music notes, and my brush, the piano.

I can’t wait to share Samie’s art with you. Let me just tell you that it is colorful, beautiful and I want it on my wall, on my t-shirt and on a mug from which I can drink up happiness!!

Rich and I will meet Samie soon to get the painting, then Rich will photograph it in a way that will do it justice, and then we will reveal it to everyone for their viewing pleasure. Stay tuned for the big reveal in a few weeks’ time!

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  1. Valerie

    I feel so privileged to have seen it already – only because Lisa Jeanette treated me to a birthday dinner tonight and I got to see it on her cellphone. Awesome!


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