Catching Happy

It happened. I finally did catch up to happy.  It caught me quite by surprise, because so much had led up to the Chasing Happy Album Release Concert.

I woke up in the morning realizing that I had been dreaming about all the ways I could die before ever getting the chance to perform the concert. I won’t go into the myriad of ways my imagination sought to do me in, but let’s say that it was working overtime.

Rich and I struggled to get the final items packed in the cars and we drove separately to Lansdowne that morning. I took the scenic route, and somewhere along the line, a horse and rider crossed my path at Radnor Hunt. It was a young girl, and she waved to me to thank me for slowing down and letting her pass. I waved back. I knew it was going to be a good day!

Sound check was rocky. As befits my husband, the evening before he told me the keyboard I’d been practicing on and intended to use at the concert was built from “scrap parts” he had accumulaed a few years ago. “Gee, I hope they hold out” he joked. Don’t you know when we plugged in the keys at the sound check, everything was an octave higher, and it took some doing, including a tri-tone transposition, to get that issue under control.

By the time we checked the sound, we had very little time. A new earpiece mic wasn’t set quite right with the gain (I’m typing this like I know what I’m talking about), and had to be reset during intermission.

With all of the challenges, I was determined to focus in on having a good time. Weeks before, I had gone to see Michael Feuda, the electric guitar soloist on “I Got It Right With You”, play at Liberty Union, a local watering hole. He was having so much fun, and for the first time it occurred to me that just maybe the most important thing about playing music is the “play” part. I usually get so caught up in “am I doing everything right” that I forget to have fun. But if you’re not having a good time, how can anyone else be expected to be having a good time? With my fixation on fun, I was transported to a very happy place, and I was living in the moment. If only I could bottle up that feeling and have it every moment of every day!Lisa Jeanette Chasing Happy Album Release ConcertI am thankful for the incredible band I was so lucky to have been part of, including Bob Beach, John Maurer, Anne Romanowski, Deann Giles, Kevin MacConnell and Joe Nero. What a thrill to share the stage with all of these fine musicians! The opening act, magician Zach Evans, was a saving grace for me. He made me laugh, and as he says, magic is about “childlike wonder”, and he helped put me in a state of mind to be open to magic on the stage. I’m so thankful to the people of St. Paul’s for being so supportive and encouraging. For everyone in the room, I am grateful that you shared this milestone event with me, and I will treasure that time you chose to spend an afternoon full of other enticing options. I am so very grateful.

And to my husband Rich, I am more in love than I was the day you held out your hand and reached right into my heart. You hold my love.  XO.

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