Song Spoiler: New Year’s Night

It was on this day couple of years ago when I wrote the song “New Year’s Night”. My family had just left after sharing a “good luck” pork and sauerkraut dinner to ring in the New Year together. The song was a bit of a premonition of what was to come, because my family experienced a lot of changes that year, and it is not likely that same group of my immediate family will ever be in the same room again. Some have moved away, some have health issues that keep them from traveling, and losing a brother this year has reinforced the message.

Where is home? For me, my home was always wherever my mother was, but now she lives hundreds of miles away, and no longer travels. My siblings are scattered and hard to corral. I’ve watched my husband’s family go through similar changes, as the glue that holds them together got passed to eldest daughter, which is similar to what my family is also experiencing. As you age, families change.

I can’t help but feel sadness and grief for the holidays I took for granted for so many years. When I baked and ate cookies, laughed so hard I cried and ripped open Pirate’s Treasure gifts all with wild abandon. I wish I was truly mindful of what a gift it was to be in the company of the people I loved, all at once. I treasure every single moment of those times. And now, as the New Year begins, it’s time for more dancing, before the parade passes by.

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